Cotton Control

Textechno introduces new line of instruments for testing of cotton fibres and yarns.

For nearly 60 years Textechno has been a well-known manufacturer of high-tech testing equipment for filament yarns as well as man-made fibres. Some of these testers like Textechno’s automatic yarn tensile testers have also found wide use in the cotton- and wool industry.

At the ITMA 2007 in Munich, Textechno presented a new generation of testing instruments under the label “Textechno Cotton Control”, dedicated to the needs of cotton spinning mills. This new product line contains the

  • STATIMAT DS , which combines automatic tensile testing with
    automatic evenness- and automatic count testing on yarns
  • DYNAJET , an innovative tester for detecting weak spots in spun yarns
  • Length-Control Tester (LCT) , based on Trützschler-technology, for
    automatic measurement of fibre length, delivering valuable information
    for optimum setting of carding machine and draw-frame
  • FIBROTEST, a semi-automatic equipment to measure fibre length and
    fibre strength in absolute figures, making it independent of calibration cotton


Testers of Textechno’s cotton control line as well as other “standard” testing devices like yarn reels, wrap reels, twist testers, count test systems, colour-meters, and others are included in Textechno’s complete laboratory solutions, which are offered tailor-cut to the needs of each individual customer.

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