FIMATEST – A New Testing System to Determine the Fibre-Matrix Adhesion Strength by Means of Pull-Out Tests

Textechno has a focus on the development of instruments for the characterization of the physical properties of reinforcement fibers, rovings and the fiber-matrix adhesion. We discuss in detail the measurement of the fiber-matrix adhesion strength by means of the FIMATEST system which has been developed together two research institutes, the Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung (IPF) in Dresden and the Faserinstitut Bremen (FIBRE). The system determines the adhesion between fiber and matrix in terms of the local interfacial shear strength, the interfacial toughness and further parameters through a reproducible pull-out test and has won the JEC innovation award 2016. It is suited for all kinds of fibers as well as all kind of thermoset and thermoplastic matrices with curing and melting temperatures up to 400°C.

Edith Mäder, Christina Scheffler, Andrea Miene, Stefan Fliescher, Ulrich Mörschel, Claudia Poitzsch
Proceedings of 56th Dornbirn-MFC (2017)


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