Lenzing Instruments joins Textechno

Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG in Mönchengladbach (Germany) and LENZING TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG in Lenzing (Austria) have signed a contract on September 1st, according to which Textechno takes over LENZING INSTRUMENTS , the former division of LENZING TECHNIK.

All assets and activities of LENZING INSTRUMENTS have been transferred to a new company with the name LENZING INSTRUMENTS GmbH & Co. KG, which will continue the business of the former LENZING (TECHNIK) INSTRUMENTS in its entirety and keep all of their employees.

The company Textechno was founded as an enterprise for research and development in the field of textile testing technology by Herbert Stein in 1949. Starting from these origins, Textechno today manufactures a broad variety of testing equipment for the textile- and chemical fibre industry and is one of the market leaders in this field.

LENZING INSTRUMENTS was founded in 1965 and started its business with the production of tensile- and fineness testing equipment for staple fibres. In the following years a wide range of quality testing instruments for staple fibres and filament yarns have been developed. A new field of activity is the online measurement (OLM) for the production of filament yarns.

The partnership between Textechno and LENZING INSTRUMENTS enables both companies to bundle the existing potentials, leading to numerous synergy effects in production, technical development, and marketing. To make use of these advantages to the benefit of the customers and to enhance their position in the global market is the main aim of the new management, which will consist of Dr. Wolfgang Stein (Chairman of the Advisory Board Textechno), Dr. Ulrich Moerschel (Managing Director Textechno), Josef Baumgartinger (Managing Director LENZING INSTRUMENTS), and Heinz Schneider (Co-founder and General Manager Sales of LENZING INSTRUMENTS).

Moenchengladbach, September 1, 2004

Lenzing, September 1, 2004

From left: Dr. Wolfgang Stein (Chairman of the Advisory Board Textechno), Dr. Chris Reisinger (Member of the Management Board Lenzing AG), Heinz Schneider (General Manager Sales LENZING INSTRUMENTS), Josef Baumgartinger (Managing Director LENZING INSTRUMENTS), Dr. Ulrich Moerschel (Managing Director Textechno)

For inquiries please contact:

Dr. Ulrich Moerschel / Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co.KG
Phone: +49 2161 6599-0
E-Mail: u.moerschel@textechno.com

Heinz Schneider / Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co.KG
Phone: +43 7672 701 2293
E-Mail: h.schneider@lenzing-instruments.com

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