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Automatic Drapability Tester DRAPETEST


The DRAPETEST characterizes drapability and the formation of defects during the draping and forming process of standard- and non-crimp fabrics. The tester combines the measurement of the force required to deform the sample and the determination of small-scale defects such as gaps and ondulation by using an image analysis system developed by the Faserinstitut Bremen (FIBRE). An optional triangulation sensor measures large-scale defects such as wrinkles.

DRAPETEST is suited for fabrics made of glass, carbon, Aramid and other materials. Additionally the DRAPETEST can be utilized for other testing procedures and materials, e.g. automotive seating materials.

The test procedures implemented by the DRAPETEST have first been published as DIN SPEC 8100. Moreover, the test method is now also standardized on international level as ISO 21765.

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Winner of the DIN Innovation Award 2016
The DIN SPEC 8100 and DRAPETEST have won the DIN Innovation Award, which was presented at the Hannover Messe 2016


Winner of the JEC Innovation Award 2012
The DRAPETEST has won the JEC Innovation Award, which was presented at the JEC in Singapore in June 2012



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