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Automatic Single-Fibre Test System FAVIMAT+


FAVIMAT+ is worldwide the first and only single-fibre tester which combines six test methods in one instrument, for the determination of the following fibre properties:

  • Linear density
  • Tensile properties
  • Mechanical crimp properties (percent crimp, crimp removal force and crimp stability)
  • Geometrical crimp structure
  • Fibre-to-metal friction
  • Bending stiffness

Operation of the FAVIMAT+ can be fully automated by means of the optional infeed systems ROBOT2, AIROBOT2, or AUTOFEED. These robotic systems consist of a sample storage unit with magazines and a transfer clamp which takes the fibre from the storage unit and delivers it to the FAVIMAT+ testing section. Compared to conventional single-fibre testing equipment using separate, manually operated test stations, the FAVIMAT+ with ROBOT2 or AIROBOT2 reduces labour time by as much as 95 percent, in case of AUTOFEED by up to 98 percent, depending on the type of tests involved. For FAVIMAT+ various clamp types and load cells are available to cover a wide range of fibre materials including Aramid, UHMWPE, glass and carbon fibres. In addition, the FAVIMAT+ can be equipped with short-fibre clamps to manually test fibres down to 3 mm cut length.

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