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Fibre-Matrix Adhesion Tester FIMATEST


The performance of composite materials strongly depends on the adhesion of the fibres to the matrix. In order to make a versatile and reproducible single-fibre pull-out test available to institutes and industrial customers world-wide, Textechno have developed the FIMATEST system together with the Leibniz Institute of Polymer research Dresden (IPF) and the Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE).

The Fibre-Matrix Adhesion Tester FIMATEST consists of two devices: the partially automated embedding station FIMABOND, which is suited for all kind of reinforcement fibres as well as for thermoset, thermoplastic or mineral matrices, and a device that performs high precision pull-out tests as a new accessory to Textechno’s single-fibre linear-density and tensile tester FAVIMAT+.

One of the most critical points to assure reproducible results in a pull-out test is the precise embedding of the fibre in the matrix which is required to avoid shear forces. For this purpose the fibre has to be embedded exactly in the center of the matrix droplet. This task is performed with the FIMABOND.

The pull-out device is easy to install and operate in the FAVIMAT+. A microscopic camera facilitates the adjustment of the clamps as close as possible to the matrix surface with perfect alignment.

The FIMATEST system has won the JEC World 2016 Innovation award.

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Embedding Station

FIMABOND Embedding Station

Pull-out device used in FAVIMAT+

Pull-out Device


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