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Automatic Crimp-Contraction and Shrinkage Tester TEXTURMAT ME+


TEXTURMAT ME+ measures crimp contraction, crimp modulus, and crimp stability on hanks of textured yarns based on German standard DIN 53840 and ISO 5688 or European standard EN 14621, which are nowadays the internationally accepted standard test methods for textured yarns. Another testing procedure of the TEXTURMAT is the shrinkage test (e.g. according to EN 14621, ISO 18066 or ISO 18067), in which the length change of yarn hanks resulting from dry or wet heat treatment is determined.

All measurements are performed fully automatically on up to 30 yarn hanks arranged in a magazine. The same magazine can be inserted into an oven or a hot water bath for development of the yarn crimp or release of the yarn shrinkage.

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