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Wrap Reel for Yarns and Reinforcement Fibers TEXREEL


The increasing importance of work safety as well as new demands for testing reinforcement fibres have motivated Textechno to develop a new electrical wrap reel – TEXREEL. This wrap reel allows for the simultaneous preparation of up to 6 skeins with a circumference of 1 m.

TEXREEL is used whenever a precise and fast preparation of a skein is needed. Examples are the determination of linear density or count in accordance with ASTM D1907, ISO 2060 and ISO 1889. As well, the crimp and shrinkage testing methods described in ASTM D2259, ASTM 4031, ISO 18066, ISO 18067, DIN 53866 or EN 14621 require skeins.

TEXREEL is applicable to textile yarns such as filament yarn and spun yarn. Moreover, it also works for technical yarns and reinforcement fibers used in composites such as carbon fiber tows and glass fiber rovings. Here, TEXREEL features a sealed housing, high torque and adjustable acceleration and it can be used in combination with a tangential stripping creel that is also provided through Textechno.

The wrap reel is completely encapsulated to prevent any injury of the operator during automatic operation. Moreover, the wrap reel can also be operated in manual mode with open cover, if necessary. To facilitate the operators daily work, the protective acrylic glass cover does not have to be lifted. Instead, TEXREEL’s cover smoothly slides to the side.

Several safety precautions such as an automatic locking system for the acrylic glass cover ensure that Textechno’s TEXREEL is both, in accordance with all relevant machinery directives and convenient to use.

Technical data

Height 510 mm
Depth 555 mm
Width, closed 655 mm
Width, open 1100 mm
Weight 45 kg
Positions, version for yarns 6
Positions, version for reinforcement fibers up to 4
Circumference 1 m
Speed up to 300 m/min, speed and acceleration adjustable
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