Friction tester for staple fibre yarn REIBWERTWAAGE 


The REIBWERTWAAGE (‘Coefficient of friction balance’) yarn friction tester was originally developed by Schlafhorst (nowadays SAURER). Its iconic design has proven for decades to be a simple and effective solution to ensure an optimum paraffin application in spinning mills. This friction meter measures the yarn to polished metal friction, which is decisive for the mechanical strain to the yarn and surfaces in the downstream textile processes – for instance to the needles during knitting.  

The REIBWERTWAAGE’s ingenious compensating principle ensures that the measurement is independent from the tension of the incoming yarn. The yarn is guided around the weighing beam on either side of the balance. The position of the yarn on the right-hand lever arm is changed by the slider. Once in balance, the coefficient of friction can be easily read off the scale which maps the well-know capstan equation. 

This friction tester is an essential tool in every textile laboratory of a spinning mill. Moreover, the instrument is portable – carry it to the production floor from machine to machine or from mill to mill. Built tough and meant to last, no need for delicate sensors, no need for compressed air – the REIBWERTWAAGE effectively controls under- and over-waxing of yarn in production and purchase.  

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