BCF yarn testing with DYNAFIL ME

Chemical Fibers International, Vol. 53, June 2003 Dr. Ulrich Mörschel, Ansgar Paschen, Dr. Wolfgang Stein Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach/Germany ABSTRACT Differences in crimp and shrinkage properties leading to an unevenness of the fabric or carpet both with regard to yarn bulk and dyeability (for PA yarns) are undoubtedly the most important quality problems in the production of DTY and BCF yarns. Tufting or knitting with successive dying and visual inspection is still the most common way of testing to identify faulty yarn packages. This procedure is cumbersome, time consuming, expensive and depends considerably on the personal experience of the inspector. The DYNAFIL series testers of Textechno GmbH are well-known in testing during the quality control of POY. The Dynafil ME, too, has proved to be very effective in testing DTY and BCF, since it can determine reliable shrinkage and crimp values in continuous testing and — in many cases — replace knitting or tufting and dying. The versatility and usefulness of the tester is greatly extended by additional modules for the measurement of friction, entanglement, broken filaments, linear density and capacitive evenness. In this article, a short introduction into the technique of this tester will be followed by several examples demonstrating the application of the Dynafil ME for testing BCF yarns.

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