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Fibre Length Tester FIBROLENGTH


The FIBROLENGTH is the cost-effective alternative to Textechno’s FIBROTEST in cases where only the measurement of the fibre length distribution on fibre bundles is needed.

The operation of the FIBROLENGTH does not require any calibration cotton. Is is hence suitable to also measure fibre length on man-made fibres and fibre blends. Nevertheless, relative measurements utilizing calibration cotton as usual in high-volume instruments are also possible.

Moreover, the FIBROLENGTH is well-suited for recycled fibres. When converting garments back into fibres, very different techniques can be applied and very different fibre qualities can be achieved. Fibre length distribution is the most important quality parameter for recycled fibres. Due to its unique optical system, FIBROLENGTH is the right choice to determine fibre length in recycling applications.

The FIBROLENGTH is part of Textechno’s fibre classifying system (FCS). Have a look at the FCS catalogue to see the full range of parameters that can be measured with the FCS.

fibre length tester FIBROLENGTH


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