Complete Testing Laboratories
fibre bundle length and strength tester


Textechno, leading producer of textile measuring- and testing technology – together with its subsidiary company Lenzing Instruments and in collaboration with other reputable makers of textile testing instrumentation – offer a wide range of measuring- and testing equipment for all kinds of physical tests of textile materials. In addition, Textechno’s department “Laboratory Projects”, headed by textile technologist Dr.-Ing. habil. Guntram Kugler, delivers complete testing laboratories specifically designed to meet the special needs of each individual customer.

Application fields

Supplies and Services

Depending on the type of material and the production of the textile operation, complete testing laboratories can be offered for:

  • Chemical fibres (short and long staple fibres),
  • Filament yarns (POY, FDY, DTY, industrial yarns, etc.),
  • Natural fibres (cotton, wool, linen, flax, etc.),
  • Staple fibre yarns (cotton and blended short staple yarns, etc.),
  • Carpets etc.

The following services are provided by Textechno’s department “Laboratory Projects”:

  • Planning and design of the testing laboratory on the basis of internationally accepted test standards for textile materials,
  • Preparation of all required project documents including the laboratory layout with all connections for power-, compressed-air and water supply, furniture and other installations, e.g. air-conditioning equipment,
  • Selection of the testing instruments required for the particular application,
  • Delivery and installation of all testers and equipment including commissioning,
  • Introduction of the customer’s staff into the operation of the testers, the evaluation of the test results, maintenance and service, optionally in German, English or Russian language,
  • Supply of all relevant operation- and service manuals, optionally in German, English or Russian language,
  • Instruction of the laboratory staff with regard to quality assurance on the basis of internationally accepted rules, empirical quality values and statistics, e.g. Statistics of Textile Consolidation Fund Egypt, Statistics of the Japanese Spinners Assosiation, Uster Statistics, Keisokki Statistics etc.,
  • Technical service within and after the warranty period by the worldwide Textechno and Lenzing Instruments representative- and service organization.


Fibre Classification Laboratory

FCS – Fibre Classifying System

Application Overview