Textechno – Your partner in quality assurance

For more than 70 years testing instruments produced by Textechno have formed the basis of effective quality control in the textile- and man-made fibre industry.



Textechno is now part of the umati community 

Umati allows Textechno to showcase integration and integrity of its testing instruments using OPC UA in a diverse production environment. Read more

New ISO 5688 for crimp contraction

The new ISO 5688 standardizes the test method for crimp contraction properties of textured yarn implemented in Textechno's TEXTURMAT ME+. Read more

ITA Reinforced Partnership

Textechno is pleased to announce its ITA Reinforced Partnership. Textechno will be working in close collaboration in the ITA Reinforced partnership to drive innovation in composite testing. Read more

DIN SPEC 19289 – Measurement of Interfacial Shear Strength by means of a Micromechanical Single-Fibre Pull-Out Test

Fast and effective micromechanical testing of the interfacial shear strength is the focus of the novel DIN SPEC 19289. The method is implemented in Textechno's FIMATEST system. Read more