Recycled fibres

Testing of recycled fibres
FIBROTEST while testing mixed recycled fibres

FIBROTEST testing recycled fibres

Worldwide a huge amount of post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste is waiting to be recycled. A common practice in textile recycling is to shred and open fabrics to the fibre level and to recirculate this “raw material” into spinning. Because of the aggressive nature of opening, the recovered fibres are shorter compared to virgin materials.

Here, a key requirement to successfully recycle textile waste into strong and even yarn is a precise analysis and evaluation of the fibre length distribution. FIBROTEST allows to measure the fibre length distribution as well as bundle strength and elongation of all fibres, such as coloured fibres, fibre blends, synthetic fibres, and natural fibres, and is hence well suited for mechanically recycled fibres.

Moreover, yarn remnants still remaining in the opened fibre material may interfere with the subsequent spinning process. Here MDTA 4 can be used to separate yarn remnants from the fibre and hence measure the amount of contamination.

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Recommended Testing Instruments
Fibre bundle tensile properties FIBROTEST
Fibre bundle length properties FIBROTEST
Yarn remnant contamination MDTA 4
fibre bundle length and strength tester


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