Objectives and Concepts

From the beginning, Textechno has always been singular, compared to other suppliers in this field, in that all mechanical components as well as electronics and software have been produced in-house with state of the art machinery, since 2004 also for the Austrian subsidiary company Lenzing Instruments.

This results in very high flexibility, for instance in the production of prototypes or custom-built equipment, in excellent precision, and also in reliability in delivery.

A great part of the Textechno activities – nearly 20 percent of the Textechno staff – is dedicated to research and development. This commitment has contributed to Textechno’s position in the market today: a leading producer of textile testing instrumentation worldwide, and even the sole supplier of some special products.

Textechno’s unique position is also the result of a consistent company policy that is now extending over more than 65 years. It has always been determined by a continuity in terms of company philosophy and strategy as embraced by its management and workforce alike.

A very important precondition for the business success has always been the close contact with Textechno’s customers and partners, in the industry as well as in science and research. Since the early days of Herbert Stein it was – and still is – the strong concern of the company, to understand the needs of the market, and to be able to offer solutions based on professional competence.