The History

Herbert Stein

About the founder

Until the middle of the 1940s Herbert Stein, born in 1900, held the position of Head of Development in the field of textile machine drives with the Berlin “Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-gesellschaft (AEG)”.

In this position he established a great number of diverse contacts with companies producing textiles and textile machinery. At an early stage he realized the importance of quality control in the production of textiles. It was during this time that he developed his patented device of “low displacement” force measuring gauge which later became a key component of the instruments produced by Textechno.


Stein’s measuring head

Since 1949 until today

The first registration of the “Herbert Stein Engineering Office” took place in Mönchengladbach, West-Germany, in the year 1949. Already one year after the first registration of the company it was renamed to “Textechno Herbert Stein”.


Alex Mörschel

Alex Mörschel joins the company.

The company moves to the newly acquired building in the centre of Mönchengladbach.

Herbert Stein, until then president and sole proprietor of Textechno, passes away. Management is taken over by Alex Mörschel.

The 1980’s
Steep increase in business with a high company turnover rate in many markets, for instance China, India and USA. Manufacture of testing devices changes to series production.

Erection of the new company headquarters at the present location Dohrweg 65, Mönchengladbach


Premises in Dohrweg

Dr. Wolfgang Stein

Dr. Wolfgang Stein

Alex Mörschel leaves the company on attaining the retiring age of sixty-five and hands over company management to Dr. Wolfgang Stein, son of the founder. Up to that time Dr. Stein had worked as director of the “Institute of Textile Measuring Technique Mönchengladbach (ITM)” and as managing director of the “Stein Testing Technology PLC”.

Dr. Ulrich Mörschel, son of Alex Mörschel and a physicist like Dr. Wolfgang Stein, joins Textechno.


Dr. Ulrich Mörschel

Dr. Ulrich Mörschel shares company management with Dr. Wolfgang Stein. A Textechno office is opened in the city of Chemnitz.

Dr. Ulrich Mörschel takes over sole responsibility for the management of the company. Dr. Wolfgang Stein becomes chairman of the advisory board.

Takeover of “Lenzing Instruments” in Lenzing/Austria which until that time ware a section of the Lenzing AG, one of the world’s largest viscose fibre producers. The product range of Lenzing Instruments in terms of testing equipment and online measuring technology represents a valuable addition to Textechno’s field of activities. Textechno and Lenzing Instruments join under the new label of “Textechno Group”.

Lenzing Instruments move from the rented premises to their own new building on the Gampern Technology Park, close to its previous location in Lenzing and quite near to the lovely Attersee in the Salzburg area. The enlarged new production premises reflect the remarkably positive increase in business Lenzing Instruments have achieved in recent years.


New premises of Lenzing Instruments

Opening of a new production hall with a floor space of more than 1.000 m² added to the existing Textechno site in Mönchengladbach to accommodate mechanical production.

Production hall (inside)


New Textechno Production Hall, Inside and Outside