Composite Testing Services

Textechno offers in-house testing services for five different applications:

  • Fibre matrix adhesion
    Detailed characterization of teh fibre-matrix adhesion for all fibres with thermoset and thermoplastic matrices as well as cement, measured by FIMATEST
  • Single fibre/filament characterization
    Precise determination of linear-density, diameter, tensile strength, elongation at break, breaking stress and modulus on single fibres and filaments of all kinds by FAVIMAT+
  • Roving and yarn characterization
    Linear density, strength, elongation, stress and modulus measurements on yarns and rovings of all kinds including high-tenacity yarns such as Aramid or UHMWPE are measured by STATIMAT 4U
  • Roving processing properties
    Friction properties, spreading behaviour and broken filaments after contact with different surfaces are determined by ROVINGTEST
  • Drapability of fabrics
    Gaps, fibre orientation, ondulation and wrinkles occuring during forming of classic and non-classic fabrics are detected according to DIN-SPEC 8100 by DRAPETEST


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Application Overview