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Micro-Dust, Trash and Fibre-Length Tester MDTA 4


The MDTA 4 processes raw cotton from the bale, tufts before carding, or card- and draw-frame slivers. It provides data relating to impurities – such as neps, seed-coat neps, trash, dust, and fibre fragment content. Finally, as an additional feature, the MDTA 4 can be used to determine the stickiness of raw cotton. The MDTA 4 can be combined with the NT-DA module for precise analysis of the number and size of impurities. Based on the well-proved MDTA 3 model, MDTA 4 now offers in addition measurement of the length of individual fibres floating in an air stream.

By processing the cleaned ring-shaped fibre strand provided by the MDTA 4, an OE yarn for further analysis can be produced, e.g. for the measurement of evenness, hairiness, tensile strength, and elongation. When using a blend with chemical fibres instead of pure cotton, even blended yarns can be spun on laboratory scale.

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