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Micro-Dust, Trash and Fibre-Length Tester MDTA 4


The MDTA 4 processes raw cotton from the bale, tufts before carding, or card- and draw-frame slivers. It provides data relating to impurities – such as neps, seed-coat neps, trash, dust, and fibre fragment content. Finally, as an additional feature, the MDTA 4 can be used to determine the stickiness of raw cotton. The MDTA 4 can be combined with the NT-DA module for precise analysis of the number and size of impurities.

When applied to man-made fibres (e.g. polyester staple fibres, PSF), MDTA 4 can be used to sort out impurities such as fused fibres and other imperfections.

Based on the well-proved MDTA 3 model, MDTA 4 now offers in addition a measurement of the length of individual fibres floating in an air stream.

By processing the cleaned ring-shaped fibre strand provided by the MDTA 4, an OE yarn for further analysis can be produced, e.g. for the measurement of evenness, hairiness, tensile strength, and elongation. When using a blend with chemical fibres instead of pure cotton, even blended yarns can be spun on laboratory scale.

During opening of the input fibres, the energy required to open the sample to single fibres is recorded to determine the opening behavior. This opening work is an essential parameter for the carding process – depending on the setting of the MDTA 4 it is indicative of the fibre-to-fibre or the fibre-to-metal friction.

The MDTA 4 is part of Textechno’s Fibre Classifying System FCS.


the micro dust and trash analyses MDTA 4


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