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Test System for the Performance of Rovings


During manufacturing and preparation tailor-made properties are given to the yarns and rovings to match the demands of the further processing. With ROVINGTEST Textechno has developed the first commercial test system ever that measures all important properties in manufacturing, processing and R&D of carbon- and glass fibre rovings in a single test system:

  • Friction properties (fibre-to-fibre and fibre-to-solid surfaces)
  • Spreading behaviour (how easily and how wide can a roving be spread; width regularity and occurrence of gaps before and after spreading)
  • Detection of broken filaments (before and after spreading or frictional stress)
  • Homogeneity of filament orientation in the roving measured by eddy currents (carbon fibre only). The sensor detects to which extend filaments are not perfectly oriented.

ROVINGTEST is a fully modular system that can be adapted to the customer’s requirements to measure any of the above-mentioned properties.

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