Textechno wins Special Award of AVK

AVK SonderpreisTextechno has won the special prize of the AVK as “Attractive Employer 2016” in the field of reinforced plastics. The award ceremony was held on November 28th during the 2nd International Composites Congress (ICC) at the Composites Europe exhibition. The AVK is the oldest interest group representing the plastics industry in Germany and has about 250 active members in industry and research.


AVK Price Ceremony

In addition, the prize was announced to the full Textechno team by the chairman of AVK, Dr. Michael Effing. “There is only a very small fluctuation among the employees. Many are with Textechno for more than 25 years. The staff members have a strong relationship to the company and there is a personal working atmosphere. The working hours are family friendly. In the last two years, Textechno was also awarded by IHK as “Best Apprenticing Company”. All this played an important role in our decision.”, Dr. Effing explained the decision of the jury.





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