International standardization of the DRAPETEST method

DRAPETEST implementing ISO 21765

Textechno’s DRAPETEST

Textechno proudly announces that the test method implemented in the automatic drapability tester DRAPETEST is now standardized on international level as ISO 21765.

This new standard “Textiles – Determination of fabric deformability by forced mechanical distension” results from a continuous development of the DIN SPEC 8100. The focus of this standard is on the formation of defects during the draping and forming process of standard- and non-crimp fabrics.

The test method of the new ISO 21765 allows for the first time an exchange of comparable and reproducible quality data for the drapability between customers and suppliers of standard- and non-crimp fabrics worldwide.

In addition to the classical application for reinforcement fabrics, the new standard also applies to fabrics used e.g. in furniture, automotive, filters, medical textiles and further applications.

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