Upcoming ISO 5688 for crimp contraction

TEXTURMAT ME+ measuring crimp contraction on textured yarn

TEXTURMAT ME+ measuring

Up to now, TEXTURMAT users had to refer to the German standard DIN 53840, describing textured yarn properties as Crimp Contraction, Crimp Modulus and Crimp Stability. Alternatively, the EN 14621 was used, however, describing the Crimp Contraction only. Unfortunately, there was no standard defining CM and CS on international Level.

Finally, the new ISO 5688 – with identical definitions of CC, CM and CS as in the DIN 53840 – is on its way. Shortly it will enter the DIS stage for international commenting. Expecting common consensus, the ISO 5688 will be published soon so that TEXTURMAT users then can finally put an ISO stamp on their test reports.

In combination with the existing ISO 18066 and ISO 18067 for filament yarn boiling water and hot air shrinkage, the TEXTURMAT then is entirely in accordance with ISO standards.

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